Two Books to Buy Right Now


We’re major book nerds around here. But this week we are even more excited than our usual “just-bought-a-new-book-can’t-wait-to-crack-it-open-and-dive-into-a-brand-new-world” level of excitement.


Because two new books officially released today that are not just absolutely amazing (we got a little sneak before they went live, so we know this for sure already!). But even that isn’t the full story.

These two books are both written by bold, radical, world-changing women. These are the kind of women that are forging new paths, standing up for change, and supporting other women who are chasing their dreams. They are the kind of women you hope your daughter grows up to be like.

So run, don’t walk, to your nearest book store (or just go to Amazon and it will be on your doorstep in two short days,  Prime is life, right?) because the only thing better than that new book smell is how you are going to feel when you open the pages and dive into reading.

WorkParty by Jaclyn Johnson

“In WorkParty, Jaclyn shows how she turned distrust into determination, frustration into fuel, and heartache into hard work—and how you can, too. With stories from leading female entrepreneurs including Christene Barberich (co-founder of Refinery29), Alli Webb, (creator of Drybar), Morgan Debaun (founder of Blavity), Jen Gotch of, Rebecca Minkoff, and Kendra Scott, you will learn the tips and tricks from the best in the business while cultivating the passion and happiness you need to succeed. By embracing failure and reconciling your femininity with being a boss, you’ll join the movement that is WorkParty—and have fun along the way.”

You’re Not Lost by Maxie McCoy

You’re Not Lost is the manifesto for a generation of women who don’t have the self-confidence to trust their instincts and go for it. This compelling guide gets to the root of the problem, showing you how to drop the panic-inducing, big-picture obsession over “Where am I going with my life?” and instead shines a spotlight on the small yet impactful decisions that will take you from lost to found.”