The Power Pose – 5 Things You Need to Know for Your Best Headshot Ever

The role of headshots has changed in our increasingly visual world. Gone are the days of a stiff photo on a cheesy backdrop that shows up on your ID tag and maybe in a company-bulletin if you become salesman of the month. Your headshots are more shared than ever, making appearances on the company website, social media channels, your Linkedin Profile, when you guest blog for that great company, and more — so it is of course important to LOVE your photos, and LOVE how they make you feel. But how do we take headshots we love? We’re sharing 5 Must-Know Tips for your best headshot ever. Read on, Girlfriend.

Five Must-Know Tips for getting photos you love from the best headshot photographer. The photos here are blogger headshots and Creative Business Owner Headshots including a Molly Sims Headshot, former model and Mom-Blogger, Olivia Culpo Headshot, and Kelly Cornelison Headshot, a gluten-free bakery in Houston, Texas.


1: Choose to Feel Confident.

That’s right, its a choice, and you’re choosing it. There is no right or wrong (except maybe Ricky Bobby Hands), so go with what feels good and you will automatically look better on camera and walk away with your best headshots ever.


2: Loosen up.

Even business head shots don’t have to be static. Infuse movement into your images and you will love them even more. Whether this is truly adding the action of what you do, for instance a baker mixing cake batter, or just adding small movements like taking steps, movement is always, always, always a good thing.


3: Know your body + Dress to flatter it.

You know your favorite feature. You also know your least favorite. If you love your smile, spruce it up with a statement lipstick. If you are self-conscious about your arms, opt for sleeves. If you love your curves, skip the shift dress.


4: Splurge for Professional Hair and Make-up

Your make-up will look different in person than it does on camera. The pro’s know how to spruce up your every day look for the camera without going full-blown-OMG-THATS-SO-MUCH-MAKEUP. (Don’t worry, if you’ve never worked with a hair and make-up artist before we can absolutely make recommendations.)


5: Trust your Photographer.

You hired her (or him) because you love their work, right? So trust them. This doesn’t mean you can’t communicate your concerns or ask questions, but as long as all the lines of communication are open, trust them to do what you hired them to do which is capture your best headshot in the most beautiful light.


Three of our favorite headshots, including our favorite headshot of Kate Bosworth in Palm Springs, California.


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