FriYAY Instagram Prep + FREE Photos to Share

TGIF, Y’all. 

(And we can say y’all, because we’re Texas based photographers, did you know that about us?!)

Anyway, back to it being Friday. We are stoked for the weekend in a ‘took-a-bottle-of-Chandon-Rose-Bubbly-to-the-office-because-its-five-o-clock-somewhere’ sort of way! And if there is one thing we have learned about Fridays, its that our tribe is equally as excited for the weekend, but not always because they’re taking two full days off.

Sometimes Friday means the work week is over, and that is definitely worth celebrating. And sometimes Friday means that we are gearing up for events, photoshoots, travel, or two-email-uninterrupted days of work because we’re technically outside of office hours. Whatever your Friday means this week, we’ve got the best Friday Instagram ideas + photos for you to share about it! And some caption ideas to really knock that post out of the park. Ready? Friyay!

Just a note: Be sure to download the images via the link at the bottom for the best resolution rather than right click + save which will result in grainy and pixelated images even on Instagram. 


weekend mode - best friday photos for instagram

Caption Ideas:

“It may only be noon, but its Friday and we are officially in WEEKEND MODE.” 

“Double tap if you are officially in weekend Mode! We’ll be by the pool with La Croix in Hand if you need us.”


Caption Ideas:

“Oh hello, FriYAY!” 

“Yay for Friday! We are beyond excited for INSERT EVENT HERE happening this weekend!” 



Caption Ideas:

“Walking into the weekend like 💃🏻💃🏾”

“Cute shoes make for the best office exit on Friday afternoons. See ya later, workweek!” 



Ready for Insta? Click HERE to download the photos and share. Be sure to tag us in your post for photo cred + so that we can follow along with you!


Cheers + Happy Friday!