How ‘KISS’ applies to Photo Styling

I remember the first time I styled a wedding invitation. I had read all the articles I found when googling “Photo Styling Tips” and creeped all of the beautiful photos on Instagram. I bought ribbon and ring boxes and had florals. I should have been set up for success. Except one thing; I wayyyyy overdid it, and I am pretty sure that looking back at that photo now, you probably can’t even find the couple’s names.

When styling anything, not just wedding invitations, it is easy to get carried away adding things in. ‘Maybe I’ll just add one more flower’ or ‘All the photos I have seen have ribbon in them’. But the reality is, you don’t always need more. Sometimes you need less; way less.

Remember in junior high when your math teacher told you to KISS, Keep it Simple, Stupid. This was great advice for not overthinking word problems, and it is an equally great photo styling tip. Whether you are capturing a new recipe you want to share on your blog, or creating content for a sponsored post where you know your sponsor wants that logo to be the star of the show, we should always be KISS-ing. But how exactly do we do that?

simple photo styling tips for better instagram photos

1: Always start with the subject in mind.

Before you put a single thing on your styling board, decide what the main subject is; what is going to be the focus of the photo? When you begin to put your image together the main subject should be CLEAR.


2: Take Coco Chanel’s Advice.

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” 

Do the same thing when you are styling. Design your space, add your details, and then step back, look at it through the camera, and take one thing away.


3: Don’t be afraid to start over.

There are times when I have fully styled a photo only to look at it through the camera and completely start over. If you are spending more time tweaking the details than you did brainstorming and creating the initial style, it is time to take everything away and start over.

You’ve got this, ladies. Get out, start styling, and remember: Sometimes the best photo is truly the simplest. 

simple photo styling tips


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