Jen Gotch is Okay… Somtimes AKA Our Favorite New Podcast

Do you love podcasts as much as we here at the Smith House do? At any given time I have probably 20-30 podcasts in queue waiting to be listened to. Genre? All of them. Topics? Tons. Series? Yes please.

But there is no doubt that our absolute favorite new podcast is Jen Gotch is Okay…. Sometimes. 

If you don’t know who Jen Gotch is, we’ll link right here to a Forbes interview with her that will tell you a little about her, but also make you fall in love with her immediately. She is the founder of, an encouraging boss babe (this is from first hand experience meeting her at Create and Cultivate), and the part of her we are falling in love with during this podcast: a champion of mental health awareness. 

If you have never met Jen Gotch, have no fear. You will feel like you have met her within 10 minutes of the first episode. Her podcast is open, raw, and completely honest. It is a little about business; she tells us about her career journey (including her job as a Buttermilk Waitress) and how she launched, but beyond that she opens up completely about her mental health journey. Whether you yourself have struggles with anxiety and depression, this is an incredible podcast from a successful GIRLBOSS about facing fears, standing against the grain, and working through hardships to build your absolute best life in business.

And if you aren’t on board yet, Jen Gotch is also a gold mine of amazing quotes for Instagram. At the end of every episode I have an iPhone note full of quotes that I cannot wait to share on our stories + in our feed. One of my favorites to date: “If you can’t find the job you want, you can create it.” (I think this was from episode 3, but I didn’t write it down, so don’t quote me on that!)

business quotes for instagram - if you can't find the job you want you can create it - jen gotch

Ready to listen yet? Heres a link to the podcast on iTunes (thats where we listen). Let us know what you think about it! Shoot us an email or send us an Instagram message.